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SDI Service Deionization

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Aquapure designed and built a state of the art regeneration center. We improved the quality and capacity of our regenerations. We are better equipped to meet the needs of our growing customer base. We also built in excess capacity so we can supply product when needs peek.

SDI better meets some customer needs. Common uses for SDI are applications that require low capital expense, specialized processes, applications where capital equipment is not convenient, or for those unexpected emergencies that occur form time to time.

You can be confident. You never need to be without quality product water. We build and service the equipment you need while providing a safety net for unexpected situations that may occur.

SDI tanks can be placed in different combinations to create systems that can treat product water flow rates ranging from 1 to 500GPM. Typically, 1 megohm product water quality is produced but specifications for other quality needs can be achieved.

Currently we provide service in four sizes:

844-3 The fiberglass tank is eight inches in diameter and forty-four inches tall. It contains one cubic foot of Mixbed resin. This unit is commonly used in labs, hospitals, and industry for flow rates less that 10 GPM.


1447-3 The fiberglass tank is fourteen inches in diameter and forty-seven inches tall. It contains 3.6 cubic feet of Mixbed resin. This unit is commonly used in applications where flow rates are greater than10 GPM or the water volume usages are larger.


The lined steel tank is 30” in diameter and the height is 78”. This is our largest model and contains 34 cubic feet of Mixbed resin. The AQUAPURE JUMBO 34 can be configured in a series to meet practically any water treatment application.


Process Diagram – Model PFP3283

Our standard local delivery times are 24 hours.


We have the flexibility to set up systems designed specifically to meet customer’s needs. This customer needed 1,000,000 gallons and found our service more economical than ordering mobile trailers.